what make desktop so noisy?

There are several possible reasons why a desktop computer might be noisy:

  1. Cooling fans: Most desktop computers have internal cooling fans to regulate temperature and prevent overheating. These fans can sometimes be noisy, especially if they are dirty or malfunctioning. Cleaning the fans or replacing them with quieter ones can help reduce the noise.
  2. Hard disk drive (HDD): Traditional HDDs have moving parts, including spinning disks and read/write heads, which can generate noise when in operation. Upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD) which has no moving parts can eliminate this noise.
  3. Power supply unit (PSU): The PSU is responsible for converting the AC power from the wall outlet into DC power for the components in the computer. Some PSUs can generate noise, particularly if they are under heavy load or if the fan is dusty or faulty. Replacing the PSU with a higher-quality, quieter model can help reduce noise.
  4. Graphics card (GPU): GPUs are responsible for rendering images and videos, and some high-performance GPUs can generate noise when under heavy load. Upgrading to a quieter GPU or using software to manage GPU fan speeds can help reduce the noise.
  5. Dust and debris: Dust and debris can accumulate on fans, heatsinks, and other components in the desktop, causing them to work harder and generate more noise. Regularly cleaning the desktop and its components can help reduce noise caused by dust and debris.

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